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Is it Time for Change to a New ERP?

Are you wondering if there’s ever a good time to change your ERP system? You’re not alone.

  •  Small inefficiencies are adding up 

  •  Business needs are outgrowing ERP capability 

  •  Customer needs aren’t being met 

  •  Your workplace dynamics are changing 

  •  Employees are mobile and information needs to be, too 

  •  You don’t have access to real-time information 

  •  Your ERP isn’t keeping up with changing regulations 

  •  People work outside of the ERP system

Deciding when to change your ERP software is never easy. The important thing is to regularly review your system and processes, look at how your business requirements may have changed, and check how your current system is performing. New technology, new developments and new price structures can make a strong case for changing your ERP solution, and it is unlikely to be anywhere near as painful as last time.

Changing your ERP system can be a catalyst for a wide range of positive changes throughout your business.

Just don’t leave it too late!

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